Coronavirus Pandemic Georgia Traffic Court Update

All Georgia traffic courts have been suspended in Georgia since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Roughly, most of the courts shut down on March 13. Now, traffic courts in Georgia have begun to reopen. The Atlanta traffic ticket lawyers at have now appeared in two traffic courts. We had clients with traffic tickets [...]

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How High Does a Traffic Sign Have To Be In Georgia? We had a client who came to us with a Georgia traffic ticket out of Barrow County for violating a traffic sign stating that no trucks were allowed to use a certain road.  Our traffic ticket client was driving what would be called by most people a big rig or tractor trailer.  He [...]

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Moving Radar Georgia Speeding Ticket Defense

Even after more than five years helping Georgia drivers with their speeding tickets, I still get new cases with new factors in them to consider.  Today's new factor was a Lilburn speeding ticket issued using "moving radar."  Frankly, I had never seen a moving radar speeding ticket and investigated on behalf of my client.  Immediately, [...]

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Ignition Interlock After DUI Charges

Gwinnett Interlock Systems Owner Gina Matthews With ignition interlock becoming much more important after the recent changes to administrative license suspensions, I decided to learn more about what our clients who have DUI charges in Gwinnett County might be facing.  In order to learn more about ignition interlock equipment, installation, and monitoring, I [...]

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Georgia Administrative License Suspension Hearing Request New Time Limits

To all potential clients charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) there are important revisions to the rules regarding Georgia Administrative License Suspensions (ALS) effective July 1, 2017.  The new administrative license suspension hearing laws went into effect on July 1, 2017.  They apply to all Georgia drivers charged with driving [...]

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