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Norcross Municipal Court Traffic Citation Attorney

Have you gotten a traffic ticket in Norcross? Do you want to try to fight your traffic citation in City of Norcross? Good news, you’ve come to the right place.

The traffic ticket attorneys of Goldstein Law Group are conveniently located about two miles from Norcross Municipal Court! Our traffic citation attorneys appear in City of Norcross traffic court frequently. Our traffic lawyers are well acquainted with the judges and prosecutors in Norcross municipal traffic court. You can count on the traffic ticket lawyers of Goldstein Law Group to represent you in Norcross Municipal traffic court.

Norcross traffic ticket lawyer Sean Goldstein is experienced in helping drivers charged with speeding tickets and traffic tickets in Norcross.  Attorney Sean Goldstein is experienced in dealing with cases in Norcross traffic court, and prides himself on getting Norcross traffic tickets reduced or dismissed.

Norcross Traffic Court Judges and Prosecutors

The chief judge in Norcross Municipal Court is the honorable Kenneth Wickham. A team of prosecutors employed by the City of Norcross prosecute all Norcross citations.

Norcross Municipal Court Traffic Ticket, Shoplifting Ticket, Marijuana Ticket Jurisdiction

All Norcross traffic citations begin in Norcross Municipal Court.  In addition, all misdemeanor marijuana tickets and misdemeanor shoplifting citations will begin in Norcross City Court.

If a person charged with a traffic ticket in Norcross demands a jury trial, the case will be transferred to Gwinnett County. Norcross traffic court is a court of limited jurisdiction and can only have trials in front of a judge, also known as a bench trial.

Should you plead guilty or not guilty to your Norcross traffic citation? Should you demand a jury trial on your traffic ticket? Contact our traffic ticket lawyers and we can advise you how to best fight your traffic ticket in Norcross Municipal Court.

Helpful Links

Norcross Municipal Court Services Homepage

Make online payments to Norcross Municipal Court for Georgia speeding tickets or traffic citations here*
*Please remember that by paying your citation online you are pleading guilty, which may report to your driving record and raise your car insurance rates!  Before you pay, Norcross traffic ticket lawyer Sean Goldstein recommends contacting a qualified traffic ticket attorney.

Contact Information

The Norcross Traffic Court phone number is 770-448-2173 .

Norcross Municipal Court is located at 65 Lawrenceville St.
Norcross, GA 30071.