Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer Reviews

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Highlighted Reviews:

  • “The Goldstein Group handled my case great.  Sean was courteous and made the entire process straight forward.  Luckily, he was able to enroll me in a special program offered by the State that significantly lessened both the legal and financial penalty.  I highly recommend the Goldstein Group and would use them in the future if need be.”  Michael Reno, Google plus user


  • “Worth Every Penny…  Sean recently represented me on a speeding and driving on a suspended license case. He was very informative in every step of the process. He never lied to me; letting me know when he wasn’t 100% certain on an answer, and he would follow up usually within a day or two, if not within the hour, with an exact response. Facing jail time, Sean made this stressful situation as painless as possible. He got all of my charges reduced so they wouldn’t appear on my record or effect my insurance rates. Even after my final court appearance, Sean still took the time to attend to my concerns and ensure my total satisfaction. I truly believe Sean got me the best deal and I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to represent me in my time of need. Thanks again Sean :)” Jessica, user

  • “Great Traffic Ticket Lawyer… I got two tickets for driving on suspended license and speeding going 20 miles over the speed limit. I thought I was going to lose my license. Sean made it so that I got to keep my license and got the speed down so my insurance didn’t even go up. He always called me back. He’s a good lawyer.” Speeding ticket client, user.