All Georgia traffic courts have been suspended in Georgia since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Roughly, most of the courts shut down on March 13.

Now, traffic courts in Georgia have begun to reopen. The Atlanta traffic ticket lawyers at have now appeared in two traffic courts. We had clients with traffic tickets in Duluth Municipal Court and Lilburn Municipal Court. Our traffic ticket attorneys appeared in those courts this week to try to get our clients’ traffic tickets reduced.

Coronavirus Georgia traffic ticket court procedures

Regarding the coronavirus traffic ticket court procedure, this traffic ticket lawyer thinks that both the Duluth Municipal Court and the Lilburn Municipal Court should be commended. Both traffic ticket courts had very well defined procedures. If you’ve gotten a traffic ticket in Georgia and you expect to have to appear in either of these two courts, this is what you can expect.

In both traffic citation courts, the person appearing is required to sign a form stating that they are not exhibiting coronavirus symptoms, that there has been no travel to a coronavirus hotspot, and that there has been no positive test for the coronavirus. Both of these traffic courts in Georgia take each traffic citation defendant’s temperature and sanitize hands before entrance is allowed.

Both of these Georgia traffic ticket courts require masks. If you do not have a mask, one is provided to you by the traffic court at no charge.

Once you are inside Duluth Municipal Court or Lilburn municipal court for your traffic ticket court appearance, you will be guided to a spot where you will wait for your case to be called. Both of the Georgia traffic ticket courts have these spots spaced out to observe social distancing. Once your traffic citation case is called, you will meet with the prosecutor from a safe distance, again observing social distancing.


If judging from the procedures implemented by Duluth Municipal traffic court and Lilburn Municipal traffic court are any indication, the traffic courts in Georgia are adapting well. Our Atlanta traffic ticket lawyers look forward to continuing to appear in these courts to help our clients get their Georgia traffic tickets reduced or dismissed.

During this pandemic, the Atlanta traffic ticket attorneys at urge you to be safe. If we can help you fight your traffic ticket, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you!