Dekalb County State Court Speeding and Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Lawyer Sean Goldstein proudly serves Georgia drivers who have received citations for speeding and other traffic offenses in Dekalb County State Court.  Lawyer Sean Goldstein is experienced in handling cases in Dekalb County State Court and has a high success rate at getting tickets reduced or dismissed.

Dekalb County State Court is a court of first impression in Dekalb County.  All traffic citations issued and ordinance violations in Dekalb County will start in Dekalb County State Court.

There are four judges in Dekalb County Recorder’s Court:

  1. Chief Judge Nelly Withers
  2. Judge Roderick K. Briges
  3. Judge La Tisha Dear
  4. Judge Angela Brown

The Recorder’s Court is represented by the State of Georgia through the Dekalb County Solicitor-General’s office.

Dekalb County Recorder’s Court is a limited court.  Most importantly, no jury trials are held in Dekalb County Recorder’s Court.  In traffic and ordinance cases where a Georgia driver is entitled to and properly demands a jury trial, the case will then be bound over to Dekalb County State Court.  It is possible to have a trial without a jury in Dekalb County Recorder’s Court.  Such a trial is called a “bench trial,” since the Judge on the bench acts as the decider of guilt or innocence in place of the jury.

Attorney Sean Goldstein is an experienced traffic and speeding ticket attorney who can tell you what option is best for handling your Georgia traffic ticket or speeding citation in Dekalb County Recorder’s Court.

Helpful Links

Dekalb County Recorder’s Court homepage

Pay Dekalb County Recorder’s Court citations online here
*Please remember that by paying your citation online you are pleading guilty, which may report to your driving record and raise your car insurance rates!  Before you pay, Attorney Sean Goldstein recommends contacting him or another qualified Georgia speeding and traffic ticket attorney.

Contact Information

The Dekalb County Recorder’s Court phone number is (404) 371-3272.

Dekalb County Recorder’s Court can be reached by email at [email protected].

Gwinnett County Recorder’s Court is located at 3630 Camp Cir., Decatur, GA 30032, and can be found by clicking on the map below: